Recommended Dimmers

For regions including Canada, Mexico and the USA

We aim to test the most widely used dimmers on the market to guarantee the best possible performance with our LED bulbs and Light Engines. The phase-control dimmers below have been tested in our London lab and proven themselves to deliver smooth, responsive and stable dimming from full power down to zero or near-zero light output. For best results, ensure your electricity supply is stable and free from transients.

If you are interested in using another dimmer or require technical assistance, please contact [email protected]

Arditi 1004P
Lutron Diva DVELV-300P
Lutron SELV-300P
Lutron RRD-6NA

Eaton SALO6P*
Forbes & Lomax FLRLV603P*
HueRich HD-U100-H*
Legrand ADTP703TU*
Legrand Tru-Universal*
Leviton SureSlide 6674*
Leviton Decora DSL06-1LZ*
Lutron DVCL-153P*
Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS*
Lutron HQRD-6NA*
Lutron LECL-153P*
Lutron LGCL-153P*
Lutron MACL-153M*
Lutron MAELV-600*
Lutron MRF2S-6ELV120*
Lutron PD-6WCL*
Lutron SCL-153P*
Lutron TGCL-153P*
Lutron DV-600P*
Sun-Lite J-50C*
Sun-Lite J-35F*

*Tala 4th-Generation drivers only (2019+)