Product Care

Tala does not take responsibility for damage to any part of the product or installation if the following instructions are not followed.



– Please retain all product information and instructions for the lifespan of the product.
– ALWAYS turn off power at the mains and allow the lamp or fixture to cool fully before commencing maintenance.
– When installing your fixture, follow all necessary health and safety standards for height access.
– DO NOT pull or expose the fixture cable to excessive force.
– It is advised to clean all products regularly to remove dust build-up and ensure maximum product efficiency.
– It is recommended to use a light feather duster or a clean and dry lint-free cloth to prevent the excessive build-up of dust and dirt on the surface of the glass.
– If a more thorough clean is required, ALWAYS remove the lamp from the fixture before commencing maintenance.
– When handling the lamps, wear gloves to ensure no oil or grease is transferred to the glass surface as this can damage the surface finish and weaken the glass itself.
– Handle the lamp or fixture with care at all times. It is recommended to hold the lamp by the metal screw base where possible.
– NEVER use solvents or abrasives during maintenance of the lamp or fixture.
– NEVER expose any part of the lamp or fixture to water or moisture.
– When cleaning the lamp, be careful not to rub vigorously as the protective and decorative surface coatings can be removed.
– DO NOT over-tighten the lamp to the fixture and make sure to allow a small amount of flex.
– Once the lamp is installed in the fixture, check it is secure before turning the power on.

Please send all queries to [email protected].