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A telescopic floor lamp series


A telescopic floor lamp series

Perfect dimming
Boasting Dim to Warm technology
Complete with Sphere V
Our largest ever Dim to Warm bulb
Warm colour temperature
Dim down for warm ambient light
Plug and play nature
Complete with 3 metres of cable
Highly efficient LED
A beautiful, low energy light source

Smooth height control

Through its distinct telescopic design, Poise can be adjusted in height using the central clutch on the slender steel stem.

Rotate the clutch anti-clockwise to release the grip, then move the top half of the stem up or down to achieve the right height for your space. To tighten, rotate the clutch clockwise until the stem is firmly in place.

Our largest Dim to Warm bulb

Poise comes complete with a custom Dim to Warm bulb, the new Sphere V, which is our largest ever bulb in this category.

Using the integrated full range dimmer, Poise can achieve warm white light for practical tasks or an amber hue for mood-setting in the evening or complementing your wider lighting scheme.

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Choose from the sleek and sophisticated Graphite or the premium sheen and class of the Brass finish.

Poise Adjustable Floor Lamp in Brass
Poise Adjustable Floor Lamp in Graphite