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Our Story


Our Story


Tala launched in London in 2015 with an innovative approach to LED lighting. The brand was founded by three friends whilst studying together at The University of Edinburgh.

With a shared passion for design, technology, and sustainability, Tala believes that conservation and beauty can be combined as we progress to a low carbon world.

Light to Live By

Our collections are responsibly designed in London at our studio and light laboratory. Tala’s values guide our decisions:

  • We promote progressive design that celebrates the LED bulb
  • We are passionate about sustainability and truth to materials
  • We look at nature for inspiration, tapping into 4.5 billion years of research and development

The bulb as protagonist

Beautiful objects and efficient technology belong together. Our designs elevate the bulb as a design object.

A Tala bulb is a powerful tool to bring ambiance and balance to your space.

Much like the bulb, Tala is built for collaboration, we work with category leading designers, studios and retailers internationally and hold stock in the US, UK and EU.