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No two pieces alike
Each piece is unique in texture, colour and shape
Crafted by hand
Individually made using time-honoured skills and methods
Smooth dimming
Accentuated by the high-gloss glaze on the lamp base

Tala's seminal design collaboration

Representing Tala’s first international design collaboration, David Weeks has offered a playful take on some of Tala’s most celebrated light bulb designs.


Sourced from the world’s premium porcelain material, the semi-translucent porcelain is hand-thrown and twice-fired to facilitate the reflective glaze that adorns the top third of the lamp and defines the piece.

Each lamp is hand adjusted and measured to ensure a perfect fit with the bulb, achieving a beautiful symmetry between the lamp and the bulb.

“I wanted to make a modern, less frilly version of a side lamp wherein the shape of the bulb makes up the volume of the form. The porcelain base has an organic softness that still feels very clean and unfussy. We circled the joint of the lamp with a high gloss glaze, a subtle detail that really activates the innate elegance of its modest form.”

– David Weeks on Reflection