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Evoking nature's magnitude


Evoking nature's magnitude

Perfect dimming
Optimised for smooth dimming performance
High CRI
Consistent colour rendering of more than 90 CRI
Mouth-blown bulbs
Made from matte translucent borosilicate glass
No lampshade required
Bulbs designed to be seen and celebrated
Energy efficient
Long-lasting and low-energy technology

A stunning moment in time

Inspired by the thousands of extruded basalt columns that make up the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Basalt unites expertly crafted Brass and Stainless Steel with mouth-blown glass to evoke nature’s magnitude.

Making Basalt

Crafted sand casted Brass and lost-wax casted Stainless Steel, Basalt pendants are designed to mimic the geological process that inspired the range.

Paired with matte translucent borosilicate glass bulbs, complete with dimmable LED technology, the distinctive, irregular hexagonal pattern merges with the form of the pendants to create a stunning visual continuity.