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Modern and multi-functional


Modern and multi-functional

Dim to Warm
Smooth colour transition 2000K-2800K
Lightweight aluminium
A durable and recyclable solid metal material
High CRI
Consistent colour rendering of CRI 95+
Flicker Free
Operating with less than 5% flicker

Exceptional light and colour

Made from lightweight aluminium, the Alumina Range includes a versatile plug and play light feature and pendant light series that offers users the ability to transform a variety of spaces with exceptional light and colour.


An extension of the Alumina Lamp series released in November 2020, the Alumina Pendants celebrate the theories and concepts of Bauhaus, drawing particular inspiration from the White City in Tel Aviv. ​
For the pendant edition, the five colourways of the Lamp series were narrowed down to the popular and versatile ‘Chalk’ finish, referencing most closely the classic curved design and white surface finish of the architecture.

Lightweight Aluminium

The lightweight cast aluminium body is ideal for creating the balanced form suitable for powder coating, this time finished in the subtle Chalk white. ​​​

Complimented by the grey and white speckled braided cord, the colourway brings a lightness to the suspended floating orbs.

“We combined a soft chalky texture with clean geometry to highlight the delicate relationship between bulb and pendant.”​

– Daniel Carpenter, Senior Designer

Table Lamp

Suitable for any interior setting, the portable nature of the Table Lamp means users can easily adjust its position and manoeuvre it to suit their activity or desired ambience.

  • Integrated rotary dimmer in raw aluminium finish
  • Paired with the Sphere IV LED bulb
  • Dim to Warm technology

Wall Sconce

Not content with using it just a table feature, we adapted the design to allow users to fix the Alumina Lamp to the wall. In doing so, it offers a multitude of uses and the ability to use Alumina throughout an interior.

  • Easy installation
  • Plug in and portable, no need for hard-wiring
  • Perfect for accenting a room


Alumina is our first exploration into non-organic materials as the basis for a fixture. By finding a form suitable for powder coating, we were able to apply five dusky, on-trend colours for customers to choose from.

When combined with the Sphere IV bulb, the Alumina Lamp can comfortably contrast or complement with different interior spaces. Colours include:

  • Sage green
  • Sapphire blue
  • Blossom pink
  • Chalk white
  • Charcoal black


Alumina is made from lightweight aluminium, which has excellent recyclability potential and is one of earth’s most abundant metals.

Together with the powder-coated lamp base, a raw aluminium finish on the rotary dimmer is a subtle nod to the base material.