Magma is a new sustainable lighting solution from Tala, developed in collaboration with German manufacturer MAGNA Glaskeramik.


Designed to accentuate the soft diffusion of light created by Tala’s new dim-to-warm Sphere light sources, Magma combines matte black aluminium and steel frames with translucent, white discs made from Glaskeramik, a unique material formed of repurposed broken solar panel glass.

Upcycled and solar powered

The striking glass panelling that defines the Magma range is the brainchild of German manufacturer MAGNA Glaskeramik and produced at the company’s solar-powered factory in Teutschenthal.


Glass shards are formed into sheets before undergoing an intense heating and cooling process similar to the making of lava. The sheets are then polished and waterjet cut to size.


Watch the process in action in this video:

Magma Suspension

Encouraging tactility and interaction, the suspended discs rotate to allow for custom orientation, either exposing the Sphere light sources, or shielding them for an ambient diffused glow.

Magma Floor

This elegant, ornamental floor lamp is fitted with three new Sphere bulbs which, when dimmed, change the colour temperature from cool to warm, mimicking natural light sources and attuning to the body’s circadian rhythm.

Magma Table

Fitted with a singular Sphere bulb, Magma Table is a modest yet striking desk or table lamp that creates a soft ambient light, or rotated to focus light on a specific source.

Tala co-founder, Joshua Ward

“As a studio, we are excited about the potential of the circular economy model and what we can do at Tala to help advance it. With our new Magma range, we were searching for a beautiful upcycled material to accent and diffuse our new Sphere light sources. There’s a unique depth and character to each disk of Glaskeramik that creates a soft glow and brings a timeless quality to the pieces.”